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Your Ultimate Guide to Deciding Your Smart Laundry System to Buy

December 03, 2021


Hanging the laundry can be tedious and tiring if you’re not doing it efficiently. 

Repetitive movements and being subjected to the weather’s whims (running to hang out the clothes when the sun’s out and the opposite when the rain’s in) sounds like a pain. 

And we get it - most of us don’t even enjoy the process of doing the laundry. 

At GoodWife, we’ve leveraged on modern technology to present a groundbreaking solution that’s perfect for your needs. 

Advanced Equipment with German Engineering

Our smart laundry systems are equipped with superior features and crafted with advanced German engineering.

They’re capable of transforming the primitive way of hanging our laundry that we’ve been used to for decades! 

Whether it’s for your own use, mum, or your hard-to-please mother-in-law, check out the different systems we have, and which one’s the best for you to get! 

Lite Series - For the Lighter Laundry Needs 

Under our Lite series, we have 3 variations:

  1. Lite Mini
  2. Lite
  3. Lite+ 

The Lite and Lite Mini models are practically the same, except that the Lite Mini is ideal for homes with limited yard space.

It’s smaller at a length of 105 - 180cm compared to the Lite model that’s 140 - 240cm! 

Our Lite model is for the users who are satisfied with the basic functions. 

It comes with: 

  • A remote control to manage the movement of the laundry system
  • Environmentally friendly LED lights to shine a clear view when you’re struggling with dim lighting, especially in the early mornings and late nights 

In comparison, the Lite+ is for those who want a little more. 

It comes with 30 minutes of bacteria and dustmite-eliminating ability with the built-in UV lights.

These lights get rid of germs and dustmites on your laundry without the help of the natural sun.

This makes it highly convenient because it takes away the need to wait for the sun to be out in full swing to kill bacteria. It’s also safer and healthier for you and your loved ones! 

The Lite+ model also comes with fan drying that lasts 2 hours at a time, making it faster for your clothes to dry.

You don’t need to wait that long for your favourite shirt to stop dripping wet after a wash to wear!

Premium - For the Heavy Duty

Next up is our Premium range, which comes in 2 options:

  • Premium 
  • Premium Limited 

Both options have the same features, and the only difference is the colourway. 

The Premium Limited model has the K Gold colour option, a lustrous and shiny shade that’s fitting for the most opulent of homes. 

The Premium model has all the features of the Lite+ model, which are:

  • Remote control function
  • LED lights
  • 30 minutes of bacteria and dustmite-elimination
  • Fan drying

However, it also has heat drying of 45 degrees celsius that encourages the faster evaporation of moisture from your wet clothes. 

Both the fan and heat drying functions turn off automatically after 3 hours, or if overheating happens.

Even if you forgot to do it yourself, you can count on the smart system to do it for you! 

Plus, we’re running a discount on our best-selling Premium model at $849 (U.P. $949), available whilst stocks last! 

Luxe - For the Best of the Best

Want nothing but the best?

Our premium Luxe model is the epitome of our innovative functions, with these amazing capabilities: 

  • 37.5 minutes of bacteria and dust mite elimination 
  • Fan drying of either 2 (Eco-mode) or 4 hours (Turbo-mode)
  • Stronger heat drying of 55 degrees celsius
  • A slightly longer length of 150cm to 240cm 
  • Child lock control
  • One-push automated stopping or lifting of the rack 

Common Features

All models, from the Lite to Luxe, come with these common features:

  • 5 years of motor warranty for that added assurance in case something turns faulty 
  • A motor made with German technology that lasts up to 20 years and has a low noise level of 50dB
  • Systems are made from light and long-lasting aluminum alloy that can hold up to a 40kg load during movement, and 120kg when still 
  • 4 extendable poles 

Still can’t decide what to buy?

Check out our complete comparison table here!

There’s Always Something for Everyone

We’re proud to be a pioneer for smart laundry systems in Singapore, and we want you to find the best answer to your laundry drying needs. 

Our models are designed to make the process simpler and more efficient, and we want you to know that we’re always here to help you make an informed choice. 

You’re welcome to sign up for a complimentary on-site consultation to discover your options!