3 Laundry Drying Tips You Wish You Knew

3 Laundry Drying Tips You Wish You Knew

May 15, 2022

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Don’t you feel frustrated when you look at the piles of wrinkled laundry waiting to be ironed?

Or when you leave your dark-coloured pants out to dry in the sun and retrieve it looking a shade lighter?

How about when you’re hanging your laundry and end up having insufficient space to hang that last piece of damp clothing?

Drying your laundry takes more effort than you can imagine to chase these small annoyances away.

If you’ve never hung laundry out to dry before, or if you experience the scenarios above frequently, here are 5 tips to help.

Shake Your Clothes Well Before Hanging Them Up

After your clothes are washed in the washing machine, they turn up as a mound of fabric jumbled together.

When you pull them forcefully apart and start to hang them up immediately, your clothes become extremely wrinkled.

The right way to reduce these wrinkles is to give your clothes a good shake to stretch them out slightly and relax the fabric. Doing this also helps to get rid of excess water and helps your clothes dry faster.

Turn Your Dark and Delicate Clothing Inside-out

The blazing sun can be damaging to your clothes, especially your dark-coloured textiles.

While drying your clothes in the sun can have some benefits, like sanitising and drying them quickly, it can also lighten coloured clothes.

Turning them inside-out can prevent this from happening the next time you dry them under the direct sun.

Plus, here’s a bonus tip: you should be doing the same to delicate clothing before washing them to minimise damage to the exterior.

Alternatively, you can get a smart laundry system so that your clothes will not be exposed to harsh sunlight. Our premium systems come with different drying modes - heat and dual fan - to give you more drying flexibility.

Use Hangers to Maximise Space

Not everything needs to be hanging on your laundry poles. Delicates like undergarments can be hung on hangers. You should also hang your clothes starting from the largest pieces first.

Clothespins can help to secure your fabrics on your hangers and prevent them from sliding off and getting dirty.

Another way to resolve this is to use our automated laundry systems that come with 4 poles extending up to 240cm. These long poles give you ample space to hang your laundry all at once.

They also come with useful baby clips to secure your clothes and save space at the same time!

It’s Never Too Late to Get Started

Wish you knew these hacks before you struggled with drying your laundry?

Worry not - it’s better late than never to get started with the right way to dry them. And if you’re looking for the ultimate investment to make laundry drying a breeze, check out our amazing intelligent laundry systems to take your chores to the next level!

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