3 Easy Ways to Modernise Your BTO Flat

3 Easy Ways to Modernise Your BTO Flat

May 28, 2022

smart laundry system in a home kitchen

The moment you step into your brand new BTO flat is one that most people will remember for years to come.

After you’ve endured the years of wait and finally have the keys in your hands, the next essential step is designing and renovating it.

While most of us have our preferred style, the majority of homeowners will choose a modern look. How do you implement certain design elements or considerations to achieve this contemporary style for your home?

Let’s find out!

  1. Go for Neutral and Earthy Shades

Instead of only focusing on a modern look, you should also consider how to make it timeless. This means that it will always look recent no matter what design trends there are.

One way to obtain that classic look is to opt for neutral shades throughout the house. For example, you can use varying shades of whites, browns, and greys for your living room and toilets.

It’s important to make sure that the colours meld seamlessly together but still provide some form of contrast so that it doesn’t look boring.

You can even add plants to accentuate these shades and add more modernity as well.

  1. Use Modern Appliances

Many appliances today look vastly different from the ones your parents had during their time. Thanks to better design and the need to cater to younger consumers, as well as technology advancements, household appliances and devices sport sleek and modern designs.

For example, televisions used to be big and bulky, refrigerators looked more like huge plastic boxes, and more.

One product you can consider is a smart laundry system instead of getting those unsightly bamboo poles that your parents and grandparents use.

These automated systems look shiny, slim, and contemporary. You don’t need to worry about the tacky colours that bamboo poles have clashing with the rest of your yard.

Plus, many of GoodWife’s smart laundry systems come with many colour options to suit your preferences.

  1. Less Is More

It’s not just about that Muji-style living or hygge Scandinavian look - a spacious, uncluttered, and minimalist home design proves that less is more.

When you’re planning a design around this concept, it’s key to remember to choose things that are practical and space-saving. If it doesn’t make sense, shelve it.

Clean lines also help to make a space look big and modern as well.

Remember that using less complicated designs and furnishings can be great for your overall home design!

Making Your BTO Flat Modern Is Possible

It doesn’t take too much effort to turn your BTO flat into a contemporary home! With the right fittings, appliances, and design, you can make it look timeless and classic.

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