Drying Clothes Indoors: 3 Reasons to Be In, Not Out

Drying Clothes Indoors: 3 Reasons to Be In, Not Out

January 29, 2022

smart laundry system in a kitchen

Between drying your clothes indoors and outdoors, which is the better option?

Some people might hang their clothes outdoors to get rid of bacteria using the sun’s UV rays. They also suggest that drying clothes indoors leaves a musty smell.

With GoodWife’s smart laundry system, there are no longer any benefits of drying your clothes in the sun.

Need more reason to do so?

Stay with us as we run through the different perks of drying your clothes inside your home.

What Are the Advantages of Indoor Drying?

Is it good to dry your clothes indoors?

It is, if you’re using our smart laundry system. There are also plenty of other reasons why, which we’ll explain!

  • Safer for Everyone

If you’ve had the experience of hanging your wet clothes out to dry before, you’ll realise that it can be heavy.

This is because of the water weight from the damp clothes, together with the awkward angle when you hoist the bamboo pole out of the yard window.

What if the pole accidentally slips out of your hand? It may be easier than you think, especially if your elderly parent or grandparent is doing it.

Once the pole drops, there’s a chance of it hitting an unfortunate passer-by and causing a serious injury.

  • Protects Your Clothes From Excessive Sunlight

We know that it can be blazing hot in Singapore, where many of us are subjected to harsh weather.

Hanging your clothes out to dry in the sun might sound like a great germ-killing idea, but excessively strong sunlight can damage your fabrics.

If your clothes are out drying and you decide to take a nap, that means that your clothes will be out burning in the sun for a few hours.

Do it repeatedly, and you can see your favourite clothes start to get worn and faded.

  • Safeguards Your Clothes From the Unpredictable Weather

Many of us agree that the weather on our little tropical island is erratic.

Rain can come in a cold shower even as the sun continues to shine brightly in the sky. A hot sunny day can quickly turn into a raging thunderstorm.

One moment, you’re hanging your clothes out to dry in the brilliant sun, and an hour later, you wake from your short nap to discover that the rain is pouring.

Drying your clothes indoors means that your clothes are safe from this unpredictable weather.

  • Prevents Undesirable Situations

While you’re tapping away on your computer for work, you hear impatient rapping on your front door.

You open it, and your downstairs neighbour starts to jab her finger at you in an angry manner.

She complains that your clothes are dripping water onto hers hanging out below. You deny it, but she doesn’t believe you.

Does this situation sound familiar to you?

Maintain a good relationship with your neighbours and prevent such problems from happening when you dry your clothes indoors.

So, Is It Better to Dry Clothes Inside or Outside?

At this point, it should be clear that it’s ideal to dry your clothes indoors.

GoodWife’s smart laundry system comes equipped with UV disinfecting capabilities that can prevent mould and bacteria from growing in your home.

The mild heat-drying function also limits the temperature to 45 degrees celsius, which ensures that your clothes remain perfectly fine.

It’s also extra safe because you don’t need to use bamboo poles to hang your clothes. Even the elderly will find it effortless to dry their clothes with a push of a button!