BTO Installation

BTO Installation

September 24, 2021


Are you getting your new BTO unit soon. Here are 3 advantages of upgrading your manual pulley laundry rack to our Automated laundry system.


  1. Manual vs Automatic

Pulley racks are labour intensive where users need to pull the heavy loaded rack up and down, just like raising the flags during morning assembly in our school days. It will be the last thing you will want to do after a tiring day. 

On the other hand, an automated laundry system is super simple, the inbuilt motor will do the job for you. All you have to do is simply press the remote controller to operate it. 


  1. Natural Drying vs Heat Drying

Letting the clothes dry in our yard naturally works sometimes but it becomes a headache when the weather is bad. Laundry will not dry as fast and the bad smell from the clothes is annoying.  

With heater feature on our systems, simply on and let it do the drying work for you. Clothes will smell better and dry faster.


  1. No Germ Killing vs Disinfection

With Covid19 here to stay, we are becoming more hygiene conscious. Why not let the laundry systems do the bacteria and dust mite killing for you. This is also a feature that is well received by parents. It allows our child’s clothes to be disinfected and wear them with a peace of mind. 


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