goodwife smart laundry system in a home

3 Ways Smart Home Systems Help to Make Everyday Life at Home Easier

December 10, 2021

goodwife smart laundry system

You just got home after a particularly crushing day at work.

All you want to do is take a warm bath, grab your dinner, and continue that Netflix series your boss interrupted for an urgent call yesterday. 

Once you step inside, you’re lovingly welcomed by a refreshing blast of air from the air conditioner you turned on on your way home. 

Your lights, TV, and sound system turn on without needing to do everything yourself manually, one by one. 

How does that sound? Impossible?

This can be your home if you install smart home systems! Let’s discover smart home living in depth and how they can give you that additional upgrade you never knew you could have.

What Is a Smart Home System?

Smart home technology refers to any types of devices, appliances, or systems that can be remotely controlled.

They can be managed using voice-control assistants like Google Alexa, smartphone applications, or be automated to perform regular tasks without your intervention.

Take your air conditioner for example - new models for certain brands like Daikin and LG come with built-in WiFi technology that allows the appliance to be connected to an application. 

A smart home system covers almost everything you can think of, like your:

  • Curtains
  • TV
  • Lights
  • Sound system
  • Security cameras
  • Various electrical appliances

Is a Smart Home System Worth It?

Installing a smart home system takes time, effort, and money. 

You can either build it together with your home from scratch or implement it in your existing space. Are the costs and hard work worth the benefits of your smart home system?

Let’s find out.

Benefits of a Smart Home System


Getting control of your home’s appliances wherever you are and whenever you want gives you the ultimate convenience.

You don’t even need to turn off your lights or air conditioner yourself - these smart devices are programmed to do it themselves.

They may come equipped with intelligent sensors that can detect human activity, and decide to switch on and off accordingly.

Energy Efficiency

Forgot to turn off your lights or air conditioner before you rushed out for your date?

Not a problem - just turn it off from wherever you are!

With your smart home system, you can use your phone to control your smart devices remotely.

Whether that’s from another room, while you’re on the throne in the toilet getting the mala soup you had earlier out, or stuck in a meeting, you can toggle them however you want.

This helps you reduce energy wastage effectively and enable greater energy savings.

Ease of Use

Smart home systems make everyday chores easy. We know how mundane routine housework can be, and how it can be a struggle to get your clothes up on the suspended racks if you’re doing the laundry, for example.

Our Premium smart laundry system gives you the optional add-on to enable voice-control or integrated with a mobile application.

This means that you can operate it even while your hands are full with a load of laundry you just collected!

Start and See How Technology Can Help Your Home Thrive

Apart from the benefits we’ve mentioned above, there are plenty more to be discovered on your own! If you’re unsure whether it’s a good fit for you, you can start small, like installing light and sound systems first.

For some people, like the elderly, they may be nervous to try smart home systems out.

However, these systems can be very helpful - and sometimes, even life-saving - for them! Make the first step, and you’ll see a world of difference.