3 Reasons Why Your Laundry Smells Bad and How to Stop It

3 Reasons Why Your Laundry Smells Bad and How to Stop It

April 17, 2022

smart laundry system in a kitchen

Many of us look forward to the scent of freshly washed sheets and textiles.

What happens if all you’re greeted by is a musty smell while the armpit area of your shirt still stinks like it hasn’t been washed?

This is a common problem that many users face, and it’s something that you can avoid as well.

Here are some common reasons for smelly laundry and possible ways to prevent them from happening again!

Why Your Laundry Smells Bad

There are a few reasons for that funky smell when you sniff your newly washed laundry.

Let’s take a look at them:

Not Using Enough or Using Too Much Laundry Powder

    When it comes to washing your clothes, it’s not the right time to skimp on your laundry powder.

    Neither does it mean you should dump gallons of powder into your washing machine.

    The excess detergent will not rinse off properly and you may find clumps of powder stuck in parts of your fabric. This may contribute to mould growing on your fabric.

    If you put an insufficient amount of laundry powder, your clothes will not be clean either.

    Check the instructions on the packet of powder and get a measuring cup so that you can measure the amount of powder accurately.

    In addition, you can consider adding baking powder that has mild alkalinity to get rid of musty odour. It can also make sure that your clothes are really clean and even helps to clean out your washer as well.

    Leaving Your Clothes in the Washing Machine for Too Long

      You’re catching up on that great show you missed and you suddenly remember in horror that your laundry got washed hours ago and has been sitting there since then.

      The longer your clothes are left in the washing machine, the staler they will smell. Set a timer to remind yourself to take your clothes out once they’re washed.

      Clothes Taking Too Long to Dry

      We get it - when it rains, it seems impossible to dry your damp clothes quickly.

      Living in Singapore means that we’re always vulnerable to the erratic weather, which means that it could be blazing hot one moment, and a raging thunderstorm the next.

      If you leave your clothes to dry naturally indoors when it’s raining and there isn’t enough heat to dry them on time, it can lead to a damp and odd smell forming.

      Invest in a sturdy smart laundry system to solve this problem!

      Our appliances are highly effective in drying your wet clothes no matter what weather it is.

      Use a Smart Laundry System to Dry Your Clothes Quickly

      A smart laundry system is an ideal solution for today’s homeowners who lack time and need their laundry to get dry fast.

      They come with various intelligent settings that are carefully curated to help manage your housework more efficiently.

      Our Premium models come with dual fan drying and heat drying systems to help moisture evaporate quicker to enable quick drying.