314 Ubi Ave 1

314 Ubi Ave 1

February 24, 2021

GoodWife Smart Laundry Rack, Ubi Ave


2021 - New Year, New Laundry System

It's the new year, and along with it heralds our new product - the Luxe (Silver). With our Racks, you may never have to worry about chasing the Sun, or rainy weather altogether! In fact, you'll also start to find yourself no longer dreading laundry work, and find some joy in it, too! Why is that, you ask?

DC German-Technology

The Luxe comes imbued with DC German-Tech, boasting an impressive power-efficiency and energy-saving motor. The best part of it all, it's quiet and does not generate a lot of noise when the motor is in motion.

Toggle Heating Modes

An impressive feature flexed by the Luxe is its capability to toggle between two different heating modes; 2-Hrs & 4-Hrs heating cycles. Simply hit that 4-Hr heating cycle for an extra bit of heating to accelerate the rate of drying for your laundry. Now, come what weather, your laundry will always be on track, and in time to dry.


This has been Luxe (Silver), simply click to learn more.

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