Luxe Pro - Upgraded

Ultra Slim Design

Luxe model has been upgraded to Luxe Pro. The slimmest laundry rack design in the market. At a thickness of 9cm, the rack makes your home looking modern. It does not hinder doors or windows. One can even conceal it with false ceiling.

Heater (Hot Air) Drying (Improved)

Heat drying allows moisture in your washed laundry to evaporate even faster. With an average temperature of 50 degree from each air outlets, they can speed up the drying process by 2 times faster. No more mouldy odour from undried laundry. Feature auto off after 120mins.

Dust-Mites and Bacteria Killing

Effectively kills germs and bacteria, ensuring a cleaner and healthier laundry. Automatically deactivated after 30 minutes of usage, leaving our laundry smelling great. A must have feature to protect our family members, especially the younger ones.

Built In Sensors

LED and UV lights are connected to sensors which can auto activate or deactivate according to human presence.

Icon Indicators

Monitor what the system is doing? The indicator icons allow user to do just that. With the features icon indicating what is turned on or off, you will not be left confused.