5 reasons to get an Automated Laundry System over Dryer



Many households now prefer quicker and more efficient ways to do their laundry that requires less physical exertion. These can be from a multitude of different reasons. Some homes are not getting abundant sunlight. Some find it difficult to get clothes to dry quick enough during the rainy season. Others simply want to make the chore of laundry easier after getting home from a hard day’s work.

The most popular choice for households traditionally has been to purchase a dryer. Most washing machines now come with a dryer function but a standalone dryer would be best to avoid wear and tear on the washing machines making their lifespan a lot shorter. There are even gas clothes dryers that reduce your carbon footprint.

Lately, though, there are more and more households opting for automated laundry systems instead. While the novelty may be off putting to those that are just discovering about these systems, rest assured that the quality and features of our automated laundry racks are comparable or in some cases, even better than the dryer.

In this article, we are going to explore 5 reasons behind the rise in popularity of these automated laundry racks.



Size and Space Requirements

Even though dryers have been around for decades, they are still not popular among households simply because they take up too much space. Some people opt to stack their washing machine and dryer but this is provided that both are front loading machines and stack neatly. Stacking appliances still pose a safety risk and is definitely not recommended.

Automated Laundry Systems however, uses ceiling space that most households have their bamboo ceiling racks on. They come in a range of sizes from 105-180cm (Our Lite Mini Model) to 140-240cm (our Lite and Premium Series). These sizes come in a range due to them having extendable poles to dry larger items like blankets and at the same time suit houses of different sizes.

Speaking of safety risks, our laundry systems come with anti-collision sensors which stop the rack from descending when obstructions are detected.

We also offer wall mounts for our laundry racks if your home needs it. We have always found a credible way to install laundry racks no matter what the situation is. Let us know the requirements of installation when purchasing. Here is an example of one of our Automated Laundry Racks wall mounted.




There are different types of dryers to choose from: heat pump dryers, gas dryers to condenser tumble dryers. Each of these dryers also come with different features. So which do you choose? Dryers will dry your clothes really fast but they may do some damage to more delicate clothes. Dryers also tend to have a high rate of energy consumption.

Features on Automated Laundry Systems are straightforward and simple to use. Just use a remote controller to turn it on and it will automatically shut off after 180 mins. You can also choose to manually turn it off. The UV Disinfection on our Lite+ and Premium Series also has an automatic shut off after 30 mins.

It also comes in standard lengths from 105-180cm (Our Lite Mini Model) to 140-240cm (our Lite and Premium Series). These lengths are enough for most laundry needs and have extendable poles to hang larger items and hook on baskets to dry smaller items.


Dryers also come with different capacity offerings and tend to come in the same load offerings as their washing machine counterparts. 7-9 kg is the standard load with 12-15 kg available for higher-end models.

All our Automated Laundry Racks are designed to withstand up to 40 kg load during movement (which is equal to 4 to 5 loads of laundry from a 7-9 kg load washing machine) and up to 120 kg when stationary.


4.32 kWh



Goodwife Automatic Laundry Rack


Air Conditioner




Power Consumption

Perhaps the most appealing feature of the automatic laundry system is its power consumption. Dryers consume around 2.25 KWh+ while our laundry systems only need 0.72KWh+ which means significant energy savings for the same function of drying clothes.


Dryers typically come with a 2-year warranty while at Goodwife, we offer 5 years of free motor warranty with an option to extend the warranty to 10 years upon purchase. This is because we are confident of the build quality of our laundry racks and the quality of the German Tech motor within it. Call our customer support whenever you have an issue with your Goodwife Laundry Rack and we’ll be happy to assist you.

We hope this article is helpful to you to make an informed decision when choosing between a dryer or an automated laundry system. Ultimately, our automated laundry racks run at the fraction of the cost of dryers and last a lot longer too. We’re confident that you would be happy with the decision to choose our automated laundry racks.

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