Excellent Build Quality

- Made from light and durable aluminium alloy that can withstand up to 40kg in load during movement (120kg when stationary)
- Coated with 3 layers of paint that last long and not rust
- Motor: German tech, ≈50dB, lasts for up to 20 years, on-site motor warranty included
- 4 poles, each extending up to 240cm, allowing you to even easily dry blankets and bedsheets

Smooth and Safe Movement

- Strong frame and stainless wire
- Anti-collision mechanism: Movement stops when obstructed ensuring a safer home

Dry Your Laundry Faster

- Dual fan system produces wind to facilitate the drying of your clothes
- Heater drying allows moisture in your washed laundry to evaporate even faster
- Both fan and heater systems automatically switch off after 180 minutes or if overheating occurs

UV Disinfection Feature

- Effectively kills germs on laundry, ensuring a cleaner and healthier home
- Automatically deactivates after 30 minutes
- Repel off dust mites

Add-on Accessories (Horizontal Clip Bar)

- With a reputation for keeping things in place
- Great for grasping things like socks in between its hooks
- Alternative way of hanging your hangers
- Wind proof with the hanger holes

Add-on Accessories (Basket)

- Drying soft toys
- Drying shoes etc