Advanced (Sale)

Bang For Bucks

The Advanced model is packed with the best features you will ever need. It comes with LED light (18W), fan, heater, UV disinfection and Ioniser. The ultimate system to keep laundry clean and fresh. 

Heater (Hot Air)

Heat drying allows moisture in your washed laundry to evaporate even faster. With an average temperature of 45 degrees from each (600W) air outlet, they can speed up the drying process by 2-3 times faster. No more mouldy odour from undried laundry. Feature auto off after 120 mins. 

Fan Drying (Cold Air)

Want to save electricity yet dry the laundry faster? The dual fans are built for better air circulation and therefore faster clothes drying. With a combined power of 16W, the dual fans system is the most useful feature. 

Ioniser (Odour Control)

The system is inbuilt with ioniser that repels allergens and eliminates musty smells from your laundry keeping your clothes smelling great. Auto turn on and off with fan blower.

Horizontal Bars

More hanging and drying options with the horizontal bars in place. Now you wash clothings and bedsheets both at the same time.

Dust-Mites and Bacteria Killing

Effectively kills germs and bacteria, ensuring a cleaner and healthier laundry. Automatically deactivated after 30 minutes of usage, leaving our laundry smelling great. A must have feature to protect our family members, especially the younger ones.