271B Sengkang Central

271B Sengkang Central

February 09, 2021

GoodWife Smart Laundry System, Sengkang Central


 Life in Singapore can get busy as it gets, working in the day and in the evening - we're left with what little remains of the day. And to top it off, doing the laundry in the evening after a day's of work can be exhausting and time-consuming.

We've all been there, and we understand how you feel. The need to do laundry yet, the thought of doing them leaves us quaking. This is why we're here, to solve your laundry headaches and problems! Why not a dryer, you may ask? Here's why.

1. Saves Money

All of us, as we are aware - how the modern day dryer tend to be extremely electricity-consuming. With an automated laundry rack which encourages line-drying, this eases your utility bills. The purchasing and operation of a laundry rack, which takes a less financial heavy toll on your monthly utility bill could prove to be more worth your while.


2. Energy Conserving

By opting to line dry our laundry, this conserves energy and helps to protect the environment by saving precious fossil fuels. By choosing to air dry our laundry instead of relying on a electric dryer, we are actually helping to reduce the average household's carbon footprint. This way, we can still play our part in saving the Earth, however small it may be.


3. Gentle on Fabric

Due to the tension on the seams and snags from buttons and zippers, tossing and tumbling in a dryer can cause wear and tear on the fabrics of our clothings. In the dryer, extreme temperatures may ruin some fabrics and cause irreversible damage. This is why line drying is encouraged, as it is more gentle on fibers than a dryer, except for knitted sweaters and garments that should be dried flat to avoid stretching.



Now, what are you waiting for? There is no better time than now to enquire about our Racks and get yourself hitched with an appointment with us! Moreover, in the spirit of this coming Lunar New Year - we're having a Promo on our Advanced Premium series! Click to learn more!