206 Serangoon Central

206 Serangoon Central

December 23, 2020

GoodWife Smart Laundry Rack, Serangoon Central


 With 2020 coming to a close and with 2021 looming over the horizon, new up-and-coming homeowners are also searching every nook and cranny for their household appliances. Not to forget, as if this feat is not difficult enough - is further hindered by our own demands: energy-efficient, space-saving, aesthetically pleasing and chief among all; affordable.


GoodWife Smart Laundry System

This is when homeowners like yourselves may look to GoodWife Smart Laundry System because that's what we are - so skip your conventional dryers, pulley-operated laundry racks or even bamboo poles, we're here to curb your laundry woes.

With our blowers/circulators bundled with heaters along with an ultraviolet emission, laundry drying and cleaning has never felt more easy and effortless.


Simplify your Life

Stop waiting, and hit us up on our WhatsApp and simplify your life right now! With our blowers/circulators coupled with heaters and ultraviolet emission, you may no longer need to worry about a rainy day because we're here to provide you with a one-stop solution to your laundry headaches.


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