2 Gateway Dr

2 Gateway Dr

June 07, 2021

Smart Laundry System, Gateway Dr


Singapore has been abuzz with hundreds of news about the COVID-19 situation. With news flooding the media, there is bound to be fake news within the mix, who should we trust? Well, our trusty smart laundry systems will be there for you rain or shine. 


Safety First 

As your smart laundry system glides up and down, you may worry about potential accidents. Fret not, our system has been trained for such events, its anti-collision mechanism ensures all movement stops when obstructed, Thus, ensuring a safe place for you and your loved ones.



Just in case of emergency, every model comes with a 5 year warranty for the motor, and a 2 year warranty for all other parts. For an additional $50, receive a grand 10 year warranty. With such a great warranty, you know who you can trust.


With the Goodwife, your safety and wellbeing comes first. No more worrying about fake news with us!


This has been our Advanced Premium (Champagne). Click here to browse our catalog of products!