149 Mei Ling Street

149 Mei Ling Street

January 12, 2021

GoodWife Automated Clothes Hanger, Mei Ling Street

 2021 is here! We should welcome the new year with new things - chief among them, one we should all definitely consider about is which may last you for the long-term - a laundry rack.

2020 has taught us many things and hygiene and sanitation is one of them. With GoodWife's Smart Laundry Racks, you may rest assured in your laundry sanitation because of what our Racks can offer you and to your loved ones.

GoodWife Smart Laundry System

Our Racks comes with an in-built ultraviolet emission, along with a dual set of fans/heaters! What this means is that they have the capability to speed-up and clean your laundry faster and even more thoroughly than before.

With our blowers carrying the hot air currents transmitted via the heaters at 45°C, laundry drying has never felt more seamless and simple before. Also, boasting our ultraviolet emission, what this does is that it will be switched on for 30 minutes to help kill any potential lingering bacteria that may still be on your clothes. Simple, isn't it?

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This product has been our Advanced Modern (Black), if you are interested in finding out more, please click here!