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Space Saving & Efficient

With our Horizontal Baby Clips keeping your hangers in place, you never have to worry about your hangers moving and shifting in the wind again!

With a reputation for keeping things in place, these Baby Clips are also great for grasping things like socks in between its hooks - a must-have tool for people whose attires involve the use of socks on a daily basis.

Starting your day? Simply grab them and be on your way!

Convenient & User-Friendly

Our Racks were designed with convenience & user-friendliness as its foremost consideration.

Imagine your hands being full after collecting a load of laundry - with a simple touch of a button, raise the Rack and you're good to go!

Excellent Build Quality

Made from light and durable aluminium alloy that can withstand up to 40 kg in load during movement (120 kg when stationary)

Coated with 3 layers of paint that last long and not rust

Motor: German Motor, ≈50dB, lasts for up to 20 years, 5-year on-site motor warranty included

4 poles, each extending up to 240 cm, allowing you to even easily dry blankets and bedsheets

Smooth and Safe Movement

Smooth and steady ascent and descent, controlled by the remote control

Strong frame and wire rope

Anti-collision mechanism: Movement stops when obstructed, ensuring a safer home

Dry Your Laundry Faster

Dual fan system produces wind to facilitate the drying of your clothes

Heat drying allows moisture in your washed laundry to evaporate even faster

Both fan and heater systems automatically switch off after 3 hours or if overheating occurs

UV Disinfection

Effectively kills germs on laundry, ensuring a cleaner and healthier home

UV light automatically deactivates after 30 minutes

Anti-dust mite function maintains the quality of clothing 

*  For warranty, installation, installment payment and other questions please visit our FAQ page.